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What is the National TTT Society and
Why Does Gilden Tree Support it?

by Gilden Tree Co-Founder, Ann Thariani

The National TTT Society was founded in 1911 in Mount Pleasant, Iowa by a remarkable group of women set on providing a camping experience to girls who might not otherwise have a chance to go.  

They knew that camp would give these girls greater confidence, help them make new friends and to see the world in a different way.  And so for over 100 years, girls have gone to camp with all fees, clothing and supplies provided by a sponsoring chapter.

My mother, Marilyn Hunter joined TTT when I was a girl.  I remember meetings at our house, and the warmth and kindness of the women who attended them.  She remained active in TTT right up until the time of her passing in January of 2011. I learned from her the importance of making a difference one child at a time, and every time I see a little girl blossom after camp, it honors her memory.

I joined Nebraska "A" several years ago and have found a group of caring women who really do help make a difference in girls lives.  

One of the goals of our growing chapter is to keep in touch with "our" girls and their families after camp, and so we do lots of activities, from making gingerbread houses, to preparing "hope totes" for the local homeless shelter, to a recent tie-dye party and picnic.   

After our tie-dye party - the t-shirts and laundry bags drying on the clothesline looked amazing:

It's a good organization with a truly meaningful mission, but the best part is that we have fun together!  

To help raise money for camp fees and other costs, Gilden Tree has created a special gift for TTT, our Help a Girl Hand Care Set.  It's a beautiful gift and 10% of the sales go to TTT.

If you'd like to find out if there's a chapter in your area, or you'd like to start a chapter, please contact The National TTT Society on the web at, or by mail or phone:

National T.T.T. Society
811 East Washington St.,
Mt. Pleasant, Iowa 52641

Phone: 319-385-7246

Or contact me via [email protected].  I'd be happy to help find a chapter or way for you to help.

Ann Thariani