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Bright Idea:  Easter Carrots!

Making bunnies out of washcloths is a fun way to make something special for an Easter spa basket.  
But our orange washcloths are perfect for making the cutest new washcloth carrots and they're so easy!  Let  us show you how to make them... 

Here's what you'll need for each Carrot:

1 Rubber Band
Green Yarn or Ribbon


1. Lay out washcloth with the bottom corner pointed toward you.

2. Fold bottom half up, but not all the way!

3. Fold in half again.

4. Holding the bottom tight, start rolling the open ends in towards the middle.

5. Continue rolling as tightly as possible.

6. Hold closed with a rubber band near the top.

7. Tye a little green ribbon or yard in a bow around the rubber band.

Voila!  A perfect washcloth carrot to go with your bunnies!