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What our Customers have said:

Over the years, we’ve received some pretty wonderful mail, and are glad that our products have inspired such loyalty. We hope you’ll enjoy reading these notes and comments, and if a product has truly helped you, we'd love to hear about it! 

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...I've been using the Unfragranced Soothing Hand and Body Lotion and Gentle Cleansing Gel for a couple months and I love them! I especially love the cleansing gel because it's the first liquid-type soap I've been able to use in years. All other liquid soaps I've tried have preservatives in them that irritate my skin and cause my hands to become red, dry and itchy. I now have a bottle of the cleansing gel on my kitchen counter, and use it daily. The hand and body lotion is the perfect complement to the gel. Even though it's unfragranced, the lemon oil in it gives just the slight hint of citrus - very nice. - Marie B.

...I was on vacation in Arizona last fall and happened to see the Foot Scrubber in one of the shops in a mall in Sonora... this is the best tool I have ever found for calluses and I would like to purchase another one for my daughter. - Mary R.

...I received the order. The gowns/robes are beautiful. I took one of the Foot Scrubbers for myself. It works wonders. A - very - good - product. - Barbara D.

As a sufferer of Eczema, I am always on the lookout for any medication that will provide any kind of relief. One of the best I have found I discovered at this year's NYIGF (New York International Gift Fair): Gilden Tree Healing Foot Cream. Formulated to be effective on the relatively thick skin of the feet, the cream stops the Eczema itch on my legs and elbows better than any other treatment I have tried and provides better relief for the exceedingly dry skin of Eczema and for wounds caused by my scratching. - Alfred Weiss, Trade Show and Arts Editor, The Italian Voice, Volume 73, No. 38

... The Marbelous is the coolest product I've ever seen. - Steve in Boston

...Thank you for the excellent service! - Mary Ellen

...If it's possible, I fell in love with your clay Foot Scrubber when I was recently introduced to it. - Peggy N.

...When "M" declared that your personal care products were truly superior, she was not stretching the truth in the least bit. They are truly excellent. - Marc B.

... Thanks for your commitment to producing excellent products. - Karen V.

...We love your Marbelous Massage package, they are marbelious! Your products are so much fun & the packaging is so creative. We love this stuff. Thanks! - Jillian

...Good customer service is such a rare thing these days, so it was a good experience. You were most pleasant & helpful. Thanks to Gilden Tree, my new robe arrived yesterday and I'm so pleased. - Judy B.

...Gilden Tree Healing Foot Cream is so intense that you do not need to wear socks at night to bed for it to do its job. The results are soft and beautiful feet. Lovely fragrance." - Pauline T.

...Gilden Tree foot soaks have such a wonderful effect on your feet, with a pleasant aroma as well, once you step into your footbath, you're not going to want to get out, these foot soaks(tablets) soften your feet, who would believe that your feet could be as soft as your hands, but that's what they become after using the soaks. I personally love to rub the body lotion on my feet after using the soaks, it's the best! - Lou J.

...Like other reviewers, I am impressed by this balm. I rub it on my cuticles, heels, elbows, and rough spots at bedtime. It's wonderfully effective at moisturizing and smoothing without an overly "greasy" feel. I've observed the most surprising results by using the balm on my eye and lip area. It has removed the dryness and fine lines in those spots. I'm happy to have found a reasonable product that produces great results! - SageGirl (Colorado, United States)

...I love it! It makes my feet so soft. It heals the dry cracked skin. - An online customer, on the Shea Butter Balm

...IT SHOULD BE CALLED MIRACLE BALM!, Listen folks, I've extremely dry heels. They crack, they fissure, they split to the quick...the bleeding pain should be used in torture chambers. I've been to the family doctor who prescribed Vaseline, Aquaphor, and fish oil pills. I've been to the podiatrist who prescribed Amlactin 12%. Over the past four years none of it worked. A friend gave me the remains of their Shea Butter Balm to try out. I was skeptical...since I've tried them all to no avail. But, lo and behold, IT WORKS! I rub some on my heels right after my morning shower and apply some again before bedtime. What remains on my hands gets rubbed into my fingertips. I live in a COLD, DRY WINTER climate and work outside. So far this year, NO split bleeding heels, NO split fingertips. This stuff works, period! I can't wait to try the Revitalizing Foot Soaks with the Inflatable Foot Bath...I hope my size 14's fit. - GERALD G. (COLD, COLD, COUNTRY, USA)

Shea Butter Balm is superior to any other I've ever used, it really does leave your hands butter soft, and the scent of Shea Butter balm is truly beautiful and long lasting, once you use this balm you'll discover that it surpasses any other you've tried, and if you believe that you deserve the "best" Shea Butter Balm is exactly, "that". - Lou J.