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Some Dads tell silly jokes.  Some dads make amazing waffles.  Some dads just quietly cheer for you, no matter what you're doing. 
Let us help you find a gift that will in some small way say, "thanks Dad for being there." Here are our top three suggestions for Father's Day:


1. Bath Sheets


Though he might be fine with a regular old bath towel, his reaction when he opens a giant 40" x 80" bath sheet will show you what he's been missing - until now!  

2. Foot Cream


Would giving someone a jar of foot cream be too forward, a way to politely suggest that those gnarly feet need a little love?  Not if you add a home-made Foot Massage Certificate.



3. Waffle Robes

How about a brand new robe?  To replace perhaps the one he purchased in 1992?  We've got all the latest and greatest, newfangled features, like pockets without holes to hold his cell phone, a belt that's all in one piece and a loop by the collar that could potentially be used to hang his robe on a hook.  (It could happen... )  They are truly great robes that he'll love.