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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Ingredients

What does "natural" really mean?

It’s getting harder and harder to know what’s hype and what’s real. Sometimes the natural ingredients splashed across the front of a package are used in such minute quantities as to be almost meaningless. Some natural ingredients are grown and harvested using chemicals about which we understand very little, and some natural ingredients, like Essential Oils, must be used with care. So how can you choose which products to use? Click here to read our 5 simple steps to finding truly natural products.

What ingredients are in each personal care product?
Click here to see our full list of ingredients by product.

Are your products gluten free?
Yes, we know how important it is to make your life easier if you have Celiac-Sprue Disease.  And we're doing so by being extremely careful to make sure that our products are Gluten-Free.  Read more here. 

Why do you have such strange sounding ingredients on some of your labels?
That's "INCI", which is a way of describing ingredients required by the European Union. We've provided an INCI to English list of ingredients for your convenience, just click here

Can you tell me what a specific ingredient does?
Yes! Most ingredients are pretty simple and we've created an Ingredients Glossary to explain every ingredient we use.