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Wondering about drying Waffle Weave Towels on a Clothesline?

A clothesline is an amazing way to dry clothes - it's eco-friendly, imparts a wonderful fresh smell to clothes, and won't wear clothes out the way drying in a dryer can.

For many people, there is nothing that says "home" like the sight of  a simple clothesline.  Maybe you even  remember running through rows of cool, damp sheets hanging on the line on a hot, summer day, and remember the fresh, clean scent left by the sun and the wind.

Almost everything dries beautifully on a clothesline, with the exception of terry towels.  Terry towels take much longer to dry and oddly get a little stiff, making them just a little less nice to use.

If you're switching to using a clothesline, you'll love our waffle weave towels.  They're perfect for line-drying, because they dry very quickly and stay soft.   You may even need fewer towels because they dry so quickly.