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Ask Ann

Hello!  I'm Ann Thariani, Co-founder of Gilden Tree. 

As you might imagine,  we hear lots of questions, like  "Where are your products made?", "How can I use them? and "How did you get started?"  

Every now and then though, I get a question we haven't heard before.  I love the challenge of finding out the answer, because I often learn something in the process.

Other questions are just plain fun or interesting, like "Can I use Shea Butter Balm to polish my seashells?" (Yes!)  or "Have your robes ever been used in movies?"  (Yes, in "How Stella Got Her Groove Back.")

I started sharing these questions and their answers in our monthly Gilden Tree emails - in an "Ask Ann" section, and have duplicated those questions and answers here.  I hope these will be helpful, or at least interesting.

Have a question you'd like to ask?  Click here to Ask AnnThanks!

The Questions:

How did Gilden Tree get started?  Click here for the answer. 

What is the difference between microfiber, "waffle weave terry", woven waffle weave and real waffle weave? Click here for the answer.

Why are your Waffle Weave Kimono Spa Robes so big? Click here for the answer.

How would you describe your Kiran Forest scent for someone who has never smelled it? Click here for the answer.

What should I expect from my new Waffle Weave towels? Click here for the answer.

What are some unconventional ways to use your Shea Butter Balm? Click here for the answer. 

What is the best way to take care of my Terra-Cotta tools? Click here for the answer.

What is the thread count in your Waffle Weave towels? Click here for the answer.

What’s the difference between Classic Waffle Weave Towels and Modern Design Waffle Weave Towels? Click here for the answer. 

Where are your towels made? Click here for the answer.

My white towels seem a little dingy.  Can I get them nice and white again without using harsh chemicals? Click here for the answer.