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How would you describe the Kiran Forest Scent for someone who's never smelled it?

For me personally, I vividly recall the very first time I smelled Kiran Forest.  

I said, “This smells like opening the window on a summer morning, someone’s just cut the grass and the flowers are waking up in the morning sunshine.”  It’s always been like that for me.  

When people ask me to describe it, I often simplify a bit and just say that it’s a lovely, fresh, green botanical scent, with deep tree notes, mid-grassy notes and high white flower notes.  (But you know what I really think.)  

Does everyone love it?

Most people like it, but not everyone.  Scent seems to trigger a very subjective response, sometimes based on the interaction with a person’s chemistry, but sometimes also,  based on memories of times past, both good and bad.   

Kumy likes it although he really loves sandalwood type scents, having grown up with them. To this day I kind of like the smell of mustiness, because it reminds me of playing  in the basement of my grandmother’s farmhouse.

But Kiran Forest does seem to be a love/hate thing.  Those who love it, can’t get enough. Those who hate it definitely let us know!   

I found an image that just says Kiran Forest to me.  READ MORE & SEE PHOTO