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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Maybe you already know exactly what to get for your Mom or the woman who's been just like a mom to you this Mother's Day. Lucky you!

This guide is for the rest of us. We want to get something special, memorable and perfect -  in other words - we have no idea what to get!

Lots of guides focus on jewelry, or spa vacations or even things like monogrammed lawn chairs, which seem a trifle beyond the reach of us ordinary mortals. 

And most Moms don't really need more little china figurines, or engraved playing cards or other beautiful, fragile little items. The best gifts are the ones that help make every day life a little easier and more pleasant. 

Nothing is better than the gift of your time and companionship.  Maybe offer to help sort out a closet, paint the bathroom or plant flower pots together!  You'll never regret the time you spent doing something special with her.

But if you still want to wrap up a little something - make part of the gift spending time together, or giving her a little break.  We've got some great items and ways to make them even more special.

Whatever you choose, don't forget we always offer free gift messages, and lots of items are already gift-wrapped.  If not, gift wrap is only $5.

Here are 7 great gifts for Mother's Day:

#1. 2-Sided Terra Cotta Pumice Stone

Called "The Best" by "O" the Oprah Magazine, our pumice stone works to cleanse, exfoliate and smooth rough, dry skin and calluses on feet. Perfect gift for getting feet into shape for sandal season. Pair it with a gift certificate for a pedicure to your mom's favorite spa and you've got a cute, thoughtful gift. ($10.00)

#2. Ultra-Hydrating Cream

A new cream that's rich, thick and so good for your skin.  She'll use this every day and think of you.  Use it on hands, feet, or anywhere you have dry skin.  We've even used it as face cream at night! Pair it with the 2-Sided Terra Cotta Pumice Stone and she can give herself a pedicure at home and skip the spa. ($20.00) 

#3. Turkish-Style Fouta Beach Towel

Fouta towels are the pretty tasseled towels you've been seeing everywhere.  They're soft, absorbent and so versatile.  You can take it to the beach or pool, use it as a wrap or throw blanket, adorn your table with it as a tablecloth, or just use it  in your bathroom. It comes in lots of pretty colors, too. ($36.00)

 #4. Modern Design Waffle Weave Bath Towel Set of 2 in Gift Basket

Get her a couple of fresh new waffle weave towels to spiff up her bathroom.  In White, Cream, Slate, Espresso, Orange and Midnight Blue.  Many people use these towels for first time while traveling in Europe, so  tuck in a travel book about Italy, too! Already gift wrapped in pretty reusable woven basket with lid. ($65.99)     

 #5. Zen Weekend Retreat Robe Set

A bit of a splurge - but the set includes a soft waffle weave spa robe, relaxing music cd, a dozen tealight candles and a journal, all packed in a lovely reusable woven box with lid. Offer to take over her responsibilities for a weekend and let her just relax and enjoy - either away or at home. (ON SALE $99.00)


#6.Mini Stone Massage Set

A lovely little gift to tuck in with a home-made massage gift certificate from you. Great as part of a "take care of you" gift basket.  Includes a travel size 95% Shea Butter Balm and little massage stone with instructions. You get to choose between a pretty pink or classic green ribbon to tie of your gift. ($11.00)

#7. Velour Shower Wrap in Regular, Extra-Small or Full-Figured  
This amazingly soft wrap comes in a range of beautiful jewel tones, closes with snaps instead of velcro and is perfect to pop on after the shower, while putting on makeup, etc.  It's a great way to make her feel pampered and special, and best of all, it's machine wash and dry. ($50.00 - $54.00)