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Classic Waffle Weave

Classic Waffle Weave Bath Towels 

The original, European-style waffle weave we all think of when we think of spas, and inns in Europe - now available here in the US!  

These classic waffle bathroom towels feature a waffle texture for gentle exfoliation, with two decorative bands of tiny waffle woven in to each end.  

Made of 100% natural cotton, these oversized bath towels shrink to form cozy little honeycombs which make them  super absorbent towels. They are soft and plush enough to feel luxurious,  but also lightweight and thin to save space when storing. These towels are not only beautiful, but also quick drying towels - up to 40% faster than regular towels, even in damp bathrooms (no more musty, stinky towels.)  
That also makes them very well-suited for anyone with mildew allergies. 
They're perfect for drying on a clothesline (they won't get stiff like terry towels ) and when dried in the dryer,  they're also surprisingly lint-free.  Used to cleaning the lint trap on your dryer after every load of towels?  Not with waffle weave towels.  You'll see just a bit of lint the first time or two they're washed, but after that they are pretty much lint-free towels.
They're Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified, which means they've been manufactured in an environmentally-responsible manner.  Folks with chemical sensitivities can use them, too. Available in a variety of subtle, beautiful colors - they're an ideal towel for any bathroom, tiny house, beach house, pool side, boat or yacht.