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Frequently Asked Product Questions

Is your cotton organic?

Our Cotton is Natural Cotton, which is grown in Pakistan, from defoliant-free plants, and processed without dyes chemicals and only peroxide-bleach. Most mechanically-picked cotton is sprayed with defoliants just before picking to make the leaves wilt and drop for an easier harvest.

True "Certified Organic" cotton must be grown in accordance with organic farming principles, and there are several stages that must be verified by a certifying authority. While our cotton is not Certified Organic, it is grown and processed using minimal chemicals.  Our products are all Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified, an international certification of environmentally-responsible manufacturing processes.

Are your skin care products 100% organic?
Most, but not all of our ingredients are Certified Organic. We do not use any petrolatum, mineral oil, propylene glycol, dyes, sodium laureth sulfate or parabens in our products. 

Why don't you have a Certified Organic "badge" on your products?
We urge you to review the list of ingredients on our products, where you'll see that most of the ingredients listed are Certified Organic.  

All of our products are made in an FDA-registered cGMP manufacturing facility with over 50 years of industry experience, certified by Oregon Tilth as a Certified Organic Handler, and all ingredients listed as Certified Organic are also certified by Oregon Tilth.  

In order to display a Certified Organic Badge from the USDA, a company must go through a lengthy and expensive regulatory process, which we have never felt was absolutely required.  We started using natural and organic ingredients in 1990 and are proud to have been among the first companies to make that commitment.

Why do you have such strange sounding ingredients on some of your labels?
That's INCI, which is a way of describing ingredients required by the European Union. We've provided an INCI to English list of ingredients for your convenience, just click here.

Can you tell me what a specific ingredient does?
Yes! Most ingredients are pretty simple and we've created an Ingredients Glossary to explain every ingredient we use.

Do you test on animals?
Many of the ingredients commonly used in the personal care and cosmetics industry have at various times been tested on animals, so no product can ever claim to be truly animal-testing free. However, none of our products have been tested on animals, and we are ardent supporters of developing alternative testing. For those who'd like to know more, Johns Hopkins University has a wonderful website at: Johns Hopkins University, which explores the subject in much more detail.

Can I use Gilden Tree products if I'm Diabetic?
Yes, many products are safe to use on Diabetics. Read our Guide for Diabetic Foot Care.

My Shea Butter has gotten grainy!  How can I get it smooth again?
Our Shea Butter is nearly pure and has a very low melt point.  Sometimes as it resolidifies, it gets grainy.  But fixing it is very easy.  

Pour boiling water into a heat-proof bowl, and let it cool for 30 seconds.  Then place your closed container of Shea Butter into the bowl and shake it every few seconds until the butter is completely melted and no lumps remain.  Remove from the bowl, carefully loosen or remove the lid, and place the whole thing in the freezer.  Check after 30 minutes to see if the everything has resolidified.  You can stir it a bit if you want, but it should be much creamier.  Watch our video here.

Can you do monogramming or embroidery on your towels or robes?
We don't offer monogramming but our sister site, does.
Does Gilden Tree do Corporate Gifts or Custom Gift Baskets?
Yes!  We've created some extraordinary corporate gifts and would be happy to help you. Please call Ann at 888-445-3368, and we'll help you get started.  Want to add a non-Gilden Tree product?  That's fine, too.  Just let us know and we'll help create a gift that they'll truly love.

What sizes are your waffle weave robes? Do you have dimensions?
Please click here for our Robe Size Chart. To read more about why we made our Waffle Weave Kimono Spa Robes oversized, click here

How can I wash the Robes and Wraps?
Almost every item can be pre-treated for stains, and then warm water washed and tumble dried low.  If you need more help, we've gathered lots of great Natural Laundering Tips for you.

How can I get my White Cotton Towels Bright and White Again?
Dinginess can be caused by lots of things.  Hard water deposits, being washed with a darker item, using too much chlorine bleach (it can cause yellowing), or by minerals in your water.  Whatever the cause, dingy white towels are a bummer and take the joy our of using them.  But there are some simple, natural ways to lighten the whites and brighten them up again. Click here to read more.

How long do the Waffle Weave robes and wraps take to dry?
Because they're made of a flat weave, our waffle weave robes and gowns dry in about 20-25 minutes, with no lint. Our velour gowns take about 20 minutes.

How much will the robes and wraps shrink? 
Over time, Our Cotton/Poly blend Waffle Weave garments will shrink very little - 2-3% on average. Our 100% Cotton Velour items will shrink 3-4% on average.

How much will the Waffle Weave towels shrink?
Because they're 100% Cotton and woven in a flat weave that will form little "honeycombs" after washing, our towels are generously oversized to allow for shrinkage of between 12-15%.